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新英格兰浸信会 Hospital DOES NOT have an emergency department or urgent care centers.
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新英格兰浸信会 Orthopedics Program

Greater, more convenient access to our renowned expertise – right where you call home.

The 新英格兰浸信会 Orthopedics Program was designed by 新英格兰浸信会 Hospital and our affiliated physicians to bring our nationally renowned and specialized care model to orthopedic patients in their local community. We are partnering with hospitals within Beth Israel Lahey Health to share our knowledge as a leading orthopedic specialty hospital and bring our expertise to patients close to home.

From pre-surgical care to discharge planning and beyond, our care model is designed to:

  • Ensure you’re optimally prepared for surgery and recovery
  • Guide you through the process by connecting you with a care team partner who coordinates all aspects of your care
  • Reduce potential complications from surgery
  • Enhance your overall satisfaction with your care

With this nationally-renowned care model, Anna Jaques Hospital贝弗利医院 and our community-based physicians will be with you every step of the way.

Take the first step towards a better life today.

Clinical Affiliates of 新英格兰浸信会 Hospital

新英格兰浸信会 Hospital, a part of Beth Israel Lahey Health, is committed to making a difference in the lives of our patients and communities. We believe that every patient deserves the very best care and the 新英格兰浸信会 Orthopedics Program provides a great opportunity to make a difference for you.

Find a Physician Affiliated with the 新英格兰浸信会 Orthopedics Program


Knee and Hip Surgeons

爱尔兰共和军K. 埃文斯三世,医学博士贝弗利医院
史蒂文·C. 霍利斯博士贝弗利医院
休·米. O 'Flynn博士贝弗利医院
詹姆斯D. O 'Holleran博士贝弗利医院
Richard M. 马里兰州Ozuna贝弗利医院
彼得·米. 马里兰州Prokopis贝弗利医院
Benjamin Schwartz, MD贝弗利医院
杰里米·米. 海岸,医学博士贝弗利医院

脚 and Ankle Surgeons

阿什利·N. Mastrangelo, DPM贝弗利医院


大卫J. 马里兰州Fehnel贝弗利医院
Jaipal年代. 甘地,医学博士贝弗利医院
罗伯特E. 麦克劳林博士贝弗利医院
休·米. O 'Flynn博士贝弗利医院
爱德华G. 马里兰州Schleyer贝弗利医院
罗伯特·C. 斯潘三世,医学博士贝弗利医院
Bojan Brian Zoric, MD贝弗利医院

手 and 上肢 Surgeons

埃里克·C. 傅博士贝弗利医院
彼得·米. 马里兰州Prokopis贝弗利医院
乔纳森一个. 马里兰州Uroskie贝弗利医院
罗伯特·P. 沃博士贝弗利医院


Knee and Hip Surgeons

马里兰州安德鲁Banos, Anna Jaques Hospital
保罗•常做, Anna Jaques Hospital
詹姆斯·福特,医学博士, Anna Jaques Hospital
Steven Mattheos, MD, Anna Jaques Hospital
休·米. O 'Flynn博士, Anna Jaques Hospital
Richard M. 马里兰州Ozuna, Anna Jaques Hospital
Benjamin Schwartz, MD, Anna Jaques Hospital
杰里米·米. 海岸,医学博士, Anna Jaques Hospital

脚 and Ankle Surgeons

安吉拉•巴恩斯DPM, Anna Jaques Hospital
詹姆斯•DiResta DPM, Anna Jaques Hospital
David Greenblott, DPM, Anna Jaques Hospital
马里兰州约翰Karbassi, Anna Jaques Hospital


马里兰州安德鲁Banos, Anna Jaques Hospital
大卫J. 马里兰州Fehnel, Anna Jaques Hospital
休·米. O 'Flynn博士, Anna Jaques Hospital

手 and 上肢 Surgeons

埃里克·C. 傅博士, Anna Jaques Hospital
斯特拉·李,医学博士, Anna Jaques Hospital
乔纳森一个. 马里兰州Uroskie, Anna Jaques Hospital

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